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Love Film, Hate LOVEFiLM

Hello, this is my first ever blog, on any topic, so I’ll start by briefly introducing myself. My name is Matthew Palmer and I am 32 years old. This blog concerns my partner who is hard of hearing. She has reduced hearing in both ears. One of the ways we relax in the evening, is, like millions of people, watching a bit of TV or a film. So we would get the seven year old into bed, then have a quick look at the Sky TV guide. Now credit to Sky,... 
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All the Bells – what happens when London 2012 fails to add subtitles

Curious to find out what all this bell ringing lark was about that takes place at percisly 8.12 am on Friday 27th July 2012 is about I watched the video of Martin Creed talking about this in ALL THE BELLS on you tube. As with ALL of the videos produced by London 2012 and Cultural Olympipad this was another one that WASNT SUBTITLED. Being deaf I wanted to know what Martin was saying so I used You Tube’s automatic captioning facility (the CC button)... 
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One Call Insurance implements SMS breakdown service for Deaf customers

Another great result to report One Call Insurance has listened to the complaints of Deaf customer Suzie Jones who complained of deaf discrimination when arranging car insurance. They have sorted out her car insurance and immediately implemented an SMS contact number for Deaf/Hard of hearing customers contacting their breakdown service. A move that benefits everyone. Suzie posted complaints on Facebook and Twitter and we picked up the story. It really... 
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Refused car insurance because of Deafness

This morning via facebook Suzie Jones received a recorded delivery letter from One Call Insurance rejecting her application for car insurance. She has been driving without an accident for 30 years but although the letter doesn’t clearly outline the reason Suzie says she¬†has been rejected because she is Deaf. In order to obtain a driving license you have to declare any ‘conditions’ to DVLA for approval. There are many Deaf people... 
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Empire Cinema and their non-existent loop

David Colley investigates a broken loop at a cinema – only to find out it doesn’t exist! 17th May 2011: Last week I went to see the film Hanna at my local cinema: the Empire at Newcastle City Gate complex. I had asked about the induction loop system, which is advertised on their website, so I could hear better. Staff happily advised me that I should ask for it to be switched on each time I see a film. I did. Three times! And still it... 
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