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Barbican Access Tickets for Hamlet: Clarifications and FOI requests

Hello again, everyone. Many thanks to all of you that read and commented on my last blog on Barbican’s access arrangements for Hamlet, either here or on Twitter. The blog generated a lot of discussion, mostly on twitter, and there are some interesting comments on the blog too. I’ll draw your attention to the comment from Alice, who is a wheelchair user and had an easier time getting tickets, which demonstrates some of the inequalities... 
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Battle for Accessible tickets- de ja vu!

Guest post by Samantha On April 12th, one of my favourite artists in the world, Rufus Wainwright, announced an Autumn tour, I was interested in going to several of the gigs. The tickets were due to go on sale on Friday 20th April, but members of Rufus’ website could access the presale on Wednesday 18th, which was online only. I’m visually impaired, and need to attend anything like this with a Personal Assistant/Carer.... 
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Sexism and Disability: A Powerful Combo

David writes: Just back home from a ruined night out (4 June 2011)! I went into The Eagle (a popular gay bar in Newcastle upon Tyne’s gay quarter), only to be told my female personal assistant couldn’t come in cos its their once-a-month Men Only Night! I’ve had ongoing problems with the company that owns the bar – their accessible toilet is frequently full of furniture blocking access which means I have to ask them to clear... 
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Disability Access Survey

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Is wordpress accessible? So far no

Is wordpress accessible for Deaf / Disabled people – so far no! I’m new to blogging, this is my first day – I want to get it right. I need your help My priorities is that this blog must be accessible. It must incorporate full access – I’d be hypocritical otherwise that means my friends and other can access it regardless of disability, reading needs etc. I know my first blog is word heavy. I want to ensure it has: a good... 
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