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Meltdown at The South Bank

Update (15th June) Following my tweeting about this blog I’ve had a response from Head of Customer Relations at South Bank Centre offering a refund for the Krystle Warren tickets and comps to see a performance at any time over the next year. I’ve replied (with thanks). It has to be appreciated that South Bank Centre responded quickly to address my complaint. I’ve also raised a number of concerns back regarding how they: test in-house... 
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Disabled people not included: Building Britain’s Digital Future

Yesterday Gordon Brown outlined the Labour government’s plans for Building Britain’s Digital Future at The Hub in London. I followed on Twitter not being one of the lucky ones to be invited there in person. So who did attend to represent Disabled and Deaf people? This post focuses on the presentation of speech digitally – from a disability/deaf access point of view. A future post will review the plans. The video of Gordon Browns’... 
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Another blow to Disability Arts in Scotland?

I’m part of b)other a disabled LGBTGI arts exhibition taking place at Glasgow Museum of Modern Art in Glasgow till 21 February 2010. b)other is the title of the artists’ collective formed in July 2009 by Sandra Alland comprising of 9 artists Stuart Crawford, Nathan Gale, Y. Josephine, Jennie Kermode, Rebecca Pla, myself, Penny Stenhouse and Kristiane Taylor. The exhibition as put by GoMA is part of their ‘social justice exhibitions’... 
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The future is NOT orange

Hello world … this is my first blog. I’m red – fierce red, furious at ORANGE – they HATE their disabled and deaf customers. The Orange Shop in Telford Shopping Centre mis-sold me a HTC Touch Diamond phone on a 24 month contract last Wed (26th Aug 09). They were rude and aggressive when I returned to cancel it – at one point I was surrounded by three staff members with the Assistant Manger 6 inches from my face (see... 
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