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The BBC are treating me like a second class Doctor Who fan

(Originally published on the Limping Chicken, thanks to editor Charlie Swinbourne and writer and poet Donna Williams for kind permission to reblog). Recently, there was a post here on Pesky People, ‘Silence has fallen at the BBC’ written by a fellow Doctor Who fan, describing their troubles with trying to get a ticket to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration Convention. It’s quite the saga, it goes on for several blog posts, with various... 
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Doctor Who De Ja Vu update

Following on from Samantha’s post yesterday Doctor Who De Ja Vu there was an avalache of tweets showing that many other disabled people were facing similar problems in their attempts to secure tickets for the sold out Doctor Who oficial 50th Celebration. The BBC have promptly agreed to investigate and address issues raised by Samatha as well as those we have passed on from twitter and emails we received. The event is being run by Single Market... 
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When BT Care fails to care for it’s disabled customers (part 1)

[View the story “When @BTCare doesn’t care (about it’s disabled customers)” on Storify]  Read More →

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Visual Impairment versus The Smartphone!

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: 11/03/13 Earlier this year, I was thrilled to see reports that O2 and RNIB train Gurus to better assist blind and partially sighted customers.   O2 have trained 80 “gurus”, with training from the RNIB, to be able to advise visually impaired customers on smartphones. They are available in store, online, and over the phone, as well as having a dedicated YouTube channel. I am so pleased to see O2 lead the market... 
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Vodaphone Spain launches Deaf sign language tarrif

WOW! @cataspanglish on twitter alerted us that there was a new mobile tariff being offered by Vodaphone Spain for Deaf people. Vodafone launched the sign fee for Deaf people, created in collaboration with the Confederation of the Deaf (CNSE) (CNSE – English info) and is intended to enable Deaf people to communicate in spanish sign language via their mobile phone for only €18.50 Euros (15.66 GBP) a month. More information on Vodaphone’s... 
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