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Silence has fallen at the BBC – Doctor Who Celebration Access Issues Update

Myself and my friend, dressed as daleks, meeting Steven Moffat   Hello again, Samantha here to update you on the BBC’s responses to the disability access issues we raised regarding access to the BBC’s flagship Doctor Who Celebration convention, to make the 50th anniversary of my favourite show. I can only hope you aren’t as tired of this whole saga as I am. If you can face more, be warned, it’s a long un. Grab a cuppa... 
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How the social media surgeries helped Pesky People

I’m prompted to write a longer blog about the importance of the Social Media Surgeries following the wonderful news that they had won The Big Society Award 2012. It was a huge surprise to be mentioned as an example of the impact No 10’s press release. In September 2009 I wrote my first Pesky People blog (The Future is not Orange) and had no idea that it would take me on a journey of a new career, skills, experiences and develop my expertise... 
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East Coast Rail – putting disabled people in danger yet again!

I’m on the East Coast rail service between London and Newcastle. I’m sitting in the designated space for wheelchair-users. And yet AGAIN the ‘Call For Aid’ button has been switched off by the conductor.   The excuse was the same as the previous times: “People keep pressing it”. I had to insist it was turned back on. What would have happened if I didn’t ask? If the conductor hadn’t gone past? (Like... 
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Go Genie sponsoring October’s Birmingham Social Media Cafe

Tomorrow see’s the October Birmingham Social Media Cafe get together at Birmingham Town Hall. In the lead up to launching Go Genie it’s nice to give something back to the digital and bloggers network that got Pesky People going just over two years ago in September 2009. The first blog The future is not Orange was¬†written that night! Will also be making a wee announcement and need your help. Go Genie is coming to the end of it’s... 
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Interview with Jim in The Morning (Radio Shropshire)

There’s not often a chance meeting with people that involves being interviewed for radio but that is exactly what happened last Monday (11th July 2010). It wouldn’t have happened if I’d not left my mobile in the car while I was working in The Place Theatre (with Telford Council on the Go Genie project) and had to rush out to get it and bumped into Jim Hawkins! I said ‘hello oh bye ‘ rushed off to the car is one thing... 
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