Yesterday I discovered my online conversation with @excessbaggageco on twitter has became one sided. I’m being portrayed as hassling them online. They have deleted a whole load of tweets in their timeline to me about my blog post Is this Excellent Customer Service?

They have also deleted correspondance to @lspurdle.

The only tweet in their timeline to me is their initial reply:

It doesn’t reflect that they wrote this to me 10 days later (27th September 2012):

However I’d already captured most of the tweets in Storify about dealing with complaints via twitter.

Anyone looking at what I wrote would think I was being agressive and rude and challenging them unreasonably – despite their staff threatening to get me arrested for taking a picture of a sign with prices on it AND refusing to hand over my scooter even to Birmingham New Street Station Manager (on the fourth visit during that near arrest) and finally doing so on the fifth visit (to the Station Manager).

It’s been over three weeks now I have had one email and a number of twitter conversations (only viewable on storify).

I think Excess Baggage Co want me to give up and go away and forget about this.