Curious to find out what all this bell ringing lark was about that takes place at percisly 8.12 am on Friday 27th July 2012 is about I watched the video of Martin Creed talking about this in ALL THE BELLS on you tube.

As with ALL of the videos produced by London 2012 and Cultural Olympipad this was another one that WASNT SUBTITLED.

Being deaf I wanted to know what Martin was saying so I used You Tube’s automatic captioning facility (the CC button) – what I didn’t expect was to read about “panels” and “warned willie”:

This very short video has transcribed to subtitles Martin as saying:

“this work consists all trying to rein all of the panels in the whole of britain for fee … minutes has warned willie and as quickly as possible it totally relies on … have people to make it happen a find it very ambushed … exciting and impossible to into see you had it can … you work you except I think if it did work it would be brilliant you know … this whole does or what could be done to make it work … but”

Here it is.

All the Bells with subtitles:

[jwplayer mediaid=”3516″]

You can find the original  (with sound) on you tube as licensing restrictions mean it’s impossible to embed in this blog. Try clicking on the CC button to watch the subtitles as well.