Today #benefitscamp is taking place London hosted by the fab FutureGOV team.

It is important it provides a way fordisabled and deaf people, web developers, the providers (DWP) with a way of working together to find digital solutions that improve the system.founders from Nominet and NESTA will be there too to back up the best ideas.

Here’s my pennies worth:

  • An online portal / in house portal that you can ask questions about benefits in an easy way and get straightforward answers not gobblygook;
  • A centralised system to enable disabled and deaf  to have their  access needs by the benefits agency (including all forms of contact) so if that means booking an interpreter, lip speaker, reader, personal assistant it is done easily and quickly – the added benefit is it gives front line staff the resources to know what to, when to do it and how to do it; So why not centralise it with social media?

Can it that simple I hope so?