Pesky People is pleased to say that East Coast Trains have emailed us today to confirm they are updating their assisted travel booking system after our intervention on Tuesday.

They are going to address complaints from David Colley who has found himself booked on diesel trains (which have doors too narrow for him to board) with his electric wheelchair. Unbelievably  it’s all down to 10mm of door space between the old train carriages and the new ones.

East Cost trains emailed to say:

  • Our assisted booking system requirements will be amended to request the type of wheelchair the passenger is using. By doing this we can then identify the type of set that is going to be used for the journey we are booking.
  • Mr Colley will receive x3 First Class passes as an apology for the problems he has encountered, and the tickets for his companions travel will also be refunded.
  • An investigation will be initiated to look into the issue of the ‘Aid button’ being turned off during journeys.

This is a brilliant outcome.