I’m on the East Coast rail service between London and Newcastle. I’m sitting in the designated space for wheelchair-users. And yet AGAIN the ‘Call For Aid’ button has been switched off by the conductor.


The excuse was the same as the previous times: “People keep pressing it”. I had to insist it was turned back on.

What would have happened if I didn’t ask? If the conductor hadn’t gone past? (Like on the way down). This button is the only way we can call for assistance for any reason. Its not like we can leg it down the narrow aisle to find someone! What happens if there is geniune emergency?

I’ve written repeatedly to East Coast to complain about this. Their response: to ignore my letters. ¬†Why isn’t the same logic used for non-disabled people: “We’ve locked the loo, because people keep using it”?

This is plain dangerous and a public safety scandal!