Unless you obtain written permission

(in writing or via email)

you cannot

take a snapshot image of a website


logo online

to illustrate an article or blog post

Copyright of Pesky People / Enabled By Design

Today (13 July 2011) we were contacted by One Call Insurance who requested that we remove any visual images of their logo from two blog posts Refused car insurance because of Deafness and Update One Call Insurance refuses Deaf Driver Cover as it infringed their trademark logo.

We were unaware that this was infringement even though we had credited the image within the alt tag and added website links (as we had always done in posts).

I had to seek legal advice – Pesky People has very limited financial resources, is mostly voluntary and we are very lucky that we have some pro bono legal advice to assist us.

Pesky People highlights issues regarding digital discrimination faced by Disabled and Deaf people and our focus is to give Disabled and Deaf people a voice and help companies get it right to benefit all.

All of the guest posts offer the solution to the issues – to see an improvement in services that will benefit not just those involved – but everyone.

We live in a visual world, one where a picture is the most identifiable way of knowing a place, building, street, shop, company or product. That includes in blogs and articles online where pictures are used (including logos) to illustrate and add to the message.

This means that from now on we will be unable to use images to illustrate our posts and raises the question what we are we allowed to use?

Can we:

  • Take photographs of a place which has a logo or image of the product clearly identified and use it?
  • Photograph a letter and use it for illustration if it includes a company logo?
  • Incude text written by someone else in an email that you have been copied into?
  • Can we take pictures of buildings, venues, steps, equipment and use them in a blog post without the owners permission?

How do you addressed this issue?