Pesky People was lucky enough to be a part of Interactivsm brilliantly run by FutureGov and @google on 17/18 June 2010.

We were teamed up with Denise from Enabled By Design to build an app in under 24 hours with support from a developer and others who signed up.

We wanted an app that made it easy to take a picture or video and upload to Enabled By and Go Genie website so you just snap it on your mobile phone and share it. (Think about it no faffing around with emailing it, sending it to posterous, you tube, downloading etc.). Believe me it takes a lot to build an app in less than 24 hours.

We had an awesome team who pulled out the stops with lots of hard work: Lucy (from Gransnet), Makayla, Jo, Francis, Juan (Googlemaps developer) and like baking a cake we put up all the ingredients into the pot with our experiences and skills and started working out what what we were going to do.

Lucy kept us in check and grounded (she used led in IT), Denise was brilliant at organising us, Makayla mocked up the app using imockups for ipad. Jo was a brilliant designer and pulled together great graphics for the presentation that Francis and Denise produced. Yuan was an awesome coder (I’m still in awe at his ability to drink an expresso followed by a cafe latte … then a diet coke).

The hard work paid off and amazingly we also won the most useful app as voted by Gransnet!

EZPZ won the Developers prize: a browser to enable you to see your most visited and favourite sites with clear visuals. They went forward to Google’s student camp More info:

There were fantastic presentations from Our Town, Go for Local, Gene Pool, Time Tag, TV Mate, Echoing, Milly and Jake, Face to Face and I was Here.

Interactivism was a two day hack weekend that ‘brought bring together the best computer software engineer students, Googlers, designers, other social innovators and older people in crack teams to code a better web that overcomes the barriers that stand in the way of older people accessing the web.’

Makayla wrote a fantastic piece on her blog which tells more about the process and it is well worth reading SimpleCo’s blog report back from Interactivism.

A selection of fantastic pictures can be found on flikr including InteractivsmJuan’s flikr stream and Pesky People flikr stream.

Here’s what we produced as demonstrated by Juan.

[jwplayer mediaid=”2476″]

The presentation that won it: