Heavy Load

With the uproar over Dea Birkett’s tweet yesterday about her daughter being turned away from a Proud venue it’s worth mentioning that they are hosting a fantastic festival at Proud Camden on Thursday 24th February.

L.T.D. Fest (Let’s Talk Disability) is being hosted by T4’s Jameela Jamil as part  Channel 4’s Battlefront Campaign Lets Talk Disability. It’s got an incredible electric line of performers both Disabled, Deaf and non-disabled brilliant artwork from disabled and autistic artists, football skills performers and a karaoke room.

This might not seem like nothing much but it is so important to get young Disabled and non-disabled festival goers together – a teenager is a teenager.

Starting at 2pm (doors open 1pm) it’s being launched by Ella Prendergast how has a sister who is disabled – as she summed up on Battlefront website:

“Hands up who has stared at a disabled person before? I have. I’ve also seen the effect that this has on my sister Nancy, who is a witty, outgoing, occasionally moody teenager, who happens to also be disabled. That’s why my campaign aims to break down the barriers between able and disabled young people. I want people to get to know the person rather than the disability.”

The L.T.D. Fest line up includes Heavy Load, Jazz Morley, Hayden Spenceley, Beatbox Hobbit, Reeps1, Gareth Berliner and Caroline Sparks Abnormally funny people duo Caroline Parker and Gareth Berliner), Deaf Men Dancing, James Birt and Candoco. It also has artist Alison Lapper and cartoonist Aligia Wengler

The festival is being backed by Heart n’ Soul,  Attitude is Everything, and Give Autism a chance campaign

Just so you don’t miss the point of the festival watch the video from Nancy (Elle’s sister) as she tells  you about the issues of offensive labels.

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