Yesterday we received  an email from Simon Hogg from  The Office for Disability Issues offering us their media player. I first asked about it in Jan 2010. It’s been a long wait but now you can use it too – for free.

So if you want the option to add and view subtitles, audio description or sign language on videos there is a new option. You can change the font sizes, the colour, the sound level, the whole lot!

Pesky People currently uses the JWPlayer but will be testing it out.

There is certain irony in that such a product is being developed by a government department yet noone else is using it – especially the Con/Lib Coalition government.

No10 videos are not subtitled, neither are the latest postings from DCMS Q and A from Ed Vasey.

Has anyone else complained and had no response. Let us know.

To find out more information and get sent the code to use it on your website contact Simon Hogg by email.

Surely Deaf and Disabled people deserve to have the same access to information from the government as everyone else. Doesn’t The Equalites Act count for anything when even the government ignores it?

Support the ODI by showing them there is a demand for such a tool.

Please let us know how you got on.