Heavy Load, Jazz Morley, Hayden Spenceley, Beatbox Hobbit, Reeps1, Abnormally funny people duo Caroline Parker and Gareth Berliner, Deaf Men Dancing, James Birt and Candoco are all featured as part of the Let’s Talk Disability Fest taking place at @proudcamden in London on Thursday 24th February 2011.

The reason behind it is part of the Battlefront campaign led by Elle ¬†Prendergast ¬†who wants to break down the barriers between able and disabled young people to “… get to know the person rather than the disability.

Check out the artists performing in the gallery below:


Jazz Moreley

Heavy Load



Caroline Sparks - Abnormally Funny People

Gareth Berliner (Abnormally Funny People)


James Birt

Deaf Men Dancing (DMD)

Hayden Spenceley