This video is an open letter of complaint to Baroness Warsi, Chair of Conservative Party asking why my complaints about Conservative website video content and live streaming of the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham is inaccessible to Deaf or Hard of Hearing people.

I sent an email complaint on 4 October, I also sent twitter messages since then to the Head of Digital for the Conservatives, twitter account @conservatives and used hashtag #cpc10.

In the interest of showing how difficult it is for me as Deaf person (along with 8.95 million others who are Deaf or Hard of hearing) to access video content, this video is in BSL.

It has no subtitles, it has no voice over, there is no text transcript available for hearing people.

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All I ask is that the Conservative Party address my complaints in this video and my letter dated Monday 4th October 2010. The conference is over and I am still trying to find out what announcements I missed …

Thank you.