We have been harping since we started a year ago about web accessibility and the need for Disabled and Deaf people to access online content.

A great example of this is the The National Digital Inclusion Conference that took place in March 2010 streamed the video content not only live with subtitles and BSL interpretation but made it available afterwards.

Alison Smith from Pesky People also got to present two of the Pitches that were taken forward as promises by the Digital Inclusion Taskforce. Click on Prize Awards via 1 min pitches. Fast forward to 18:48 to watch Alison present in British Sign Language.

The Digital Promises chosen from the Digital Government for All Session (sponsored by Directgov) were:

  • To become digital inclusion ambassadors in the workplace. To go back and ask if your websites are accessible for Disabled and Deaf people and if not, collaborate with Disability and Deaf groups, organisations and charities to change and address the issue.
  • Everyone in the room committed to being a ‘Digital Neighbour’.

We are very pleased that our suggestion on web accessibility in the workplace got taken forward.

Note the subtitles at bottom of the screen and the sign language interpreter inserted at the side.

It’s important to note the way that twitter helped flag up the issues and get Civic Agenda to do a u-turn to offer BSL interpreting. They went the extra mile by putting all the BSL and subitled films the content online.