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We useĀ  digital technology to improve the lives of disabled and deaf people that creates solutions including digital access and inclusion.


ODI-logo-lg announced that we are one of seven start-ups joining their incubation programme to develop HELP 999 app.

Read more on ODI’s website.


Help999 appHELP 999 is being built by Ribot developers based in Brigton and working with BSL Act and Pardon I’m Deaf facebook groups we are building an app that means deaf people can contact 999 services quickly.

This uses touch screen visual options that sends the request and all information (including your location) needed as a text meessage to 999SMS when calling for fire, police, ambluance and/or coastguard services in a matter of seconds.

It currently takes up to 20 minutes to complete a call by 999SMS as opposed to 2 minutes that is the government target. We want to short cut that time saving the stress and anxiety involved.

We want to create new data that is useful so that emergency services can meet the needs of the 11 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK.



SMK Foundation Awards

Alison Smith was a finalist in the SMK Foundation Campaigner Awards 2010 (Consumer Action) sponsored by Which?.

10 Digital Commandments

10 commandments that will enable you to make your website fully accessible to all Disabled and Deaf people.

Top Tips to web accessibility

Take five minutes to test out your website and see how accessible it can become with these useful tips.

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