How to Complain

Had enough of being discriminated against?

Use Pesky People’s top tips on how to make a great complaint.

  • Make a note of the facts of your complaint.
  • If you can take pictures or video, use your mobile phone (provides great evidence).
  • Complain using audio, video or letter – what ever is best for you.
  • If a company employee has been discriminatory – if you can ask/find out their name and position.
  • What would you like them to do? Be specific about what you want.
  • Find out who deals with complaints in the company, obtain a name and address.
  • Request their Complaints Policy they should have one). Do they have an Equalities Policy? Disability Policy? Ask for that too.
  • In your complaint tell them that you want a response in the format accessible for you. For Example email, Braille, audio, BSL video. They MUST provide it as requested. If not they are breaking the DDA.
  • Mention the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 and Consumer protection – The Sales of Goods Act Consumer Direct can help with this.
  • Provide them with fourteen working days to respond (excluding Saturday and Sundays). They have legal obligation to reply in that time.

Fobbed off – take it further:

  • Send a second complaint (by recorded delivery) to the CEO of the company – go to the top.
  • Shame them publicly – upload your complaints onto Pesky People’s Hot or Not or through our Forum [add link]
  • Post messages on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter,, Bebo, Youtube etc. You have spending power take it away from them.
  • Contact your local press radio, tv station
  • Make a complaint to The Equalities and Human Rights Commission. They will tell you your legal rights as a Disabled person.

Other agencies who can support you include:

  • How to Complain – a great free independant website that gives fantastic advice about complaining with an online form
  • Direct Gov – Government website with advice on Disability and Consumer rights with links to legislation.
  • Consumer Direct– a good consumer advice website
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