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One Call Insurance implements SMS breakdown service for Deaf customers

Another great result to report One Call Insurance has listened to the complaints of Deaf customer Suzie Jones who complained of deaf discrimination when arranging car insurance. They have sorted out her car insurance and immediately implemented an SMS contact number for Deaf/Hard of hearing customers contacting their breakdown service. A move that benefits everyone. Suzie posted complaints on Facebook and Twitter and we picked up the story. It really... 
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Update: One Call Insurance refuses deaf driver cover

This post is an update that we received from Suzie Jone who maintains her view that One Call canceled her car insurance because she is Deaf despite being a driver of 30 years experience without any accidents. Suzie is now in direct contact with their Marketing Department to resolve the issue. One Call responded back to Suzie via the blog post to write (13 July 2011): “One Call Insurance has been operating since 1995 and we have never refused... 
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