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SMK Foundation Awards – Pesky People features in Society Guardian article

Would you believe it has been nearly a year since Pesky People was a finalist in the SMK Foundation Awards 2010 (Consumer Action). The day of the awards ceremony I had to run between A11yLDN 2010 and the ceremony across London with a British Sign Language interpreter chasing after me. A lot has happened in that time with Pesky People and today is the 2011 awards ceremony and congratulation must go to all the 2011 finalists and awardees. Everyone deserves recognition and... 
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Being a SMK Foundation campaigner finalist

Pesky People is delighted to announce that I (Alison) am a finalists in the SMK Foundation Awards Campaigner Awards 2010 (Consumer Action) – sponsored by Which? To quote The Consumer Action Award is ‘for campaigners who are fighting to get a fair deal for all’. It is fantastic to have my work on Pesky People recognised in this way and more so as a Deaf person. I’m told it was a tough competition. I had to apply, then was... 
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Pesky People successes

We are a newly formed company led by Disabled people (Director Alison Smith). Alison has 17+ years experience working in the cultural sector and now works as a freelance arts consultant. Pesky People was set up as a direct response to the Digital Britain report and its exclusion of Disabled and Deaf people. It continues to campaign about the need for full accessibility to websites, digital content and products. Since we started on 1 September 2009... 
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