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Too high a price for a pint

David Colley wrote the following ‘jokey style’ email to a pub chain yesterday: After a rather depressing visit to a Wetherspoons pub, I tried to cheer myself up. We all need to remember the bright side of discrimination, after all. Don’t we? So here’s what I wrote to them…. “Hello, Today I visited The Five Swans in Newcastle upon Tyne (NE1 7PG) a Wetherspoons pub. I am a wheelchair user and had significant problems. The... 
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Sexism and Disability: A Powerful Combo

David writes: Just back home from a ruined night out (4 June 2011)! I went into The Eagle (a popular gay bar in Newcastle upon Tyne’s gay quarter), only to be told my female personal assistant couldn’t come in cos its their once-a-month Men Only Night! I’ve had ongoing problems with the company that owns the bar – their accessible toilet is frequently full of furniture blocking access which means I have to ask them to clear... 
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Disabled toilets are accessible to no one

When you are out and about and rushing to find a loo, take a moment to reflect the state of our nation’s toilets. There is much to be said about the great plumbing put in place by the Romans and Victorians. But modern day public ablutions are fraught with stress. Visiting the loo often means you’re crammed in like sardines into the tinest of cubicals with no room for your bags, never mind your bum on that seat. Disabled people make up... 
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