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Watch National Digital Inclusion 2010 online with subtitles + BSL interpretation

We have been harping since we started a year ago about web accessibility and the need for Disabled and Deaf people to access online content. A great example of this is the The National Digital Inclusion Conference that took place in March 2010 streamed the video content not only live with subtitles and BSL interpretation but made it available afterwards. Alison Smith from Pesky People also got to present two of the Pitches that were taken forward... 
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#NDI10 Day 1

It’s late I should be asleep and I’m still buzzing over the events of my first and the 5th year of Digital Inclusion Conference. I never knew it even existed before – if I had not started Pesky People I would not know about it. So in the mists of what gets reported in the papers about addresses from the PM and various MPs. For me a first – BSL not only included but streamed LIVE not 10 weeks after – but at the same time.... 
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National Digital Inclusion Conference restricts deaf access

Update Organisers have stepped up efforts to find BSL interpreters following @alisonvsmith’s postings on twtitter – thanks to the ¬†intervention of great people on Twitter especially¬†@DC10plusnetwork and¬†@sarahkatenorman. It is clear that without this very public cryout by @alisonvsmith it would fall through the big digital exclusion cracks in the floor and be ignored. Sadly there has been no reply to Alison since 26th February and she... 
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