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Battle for accessible tickets – update Arsenal Football Club respond

Samantha’s frustrations and hurdles she has had to jump through just to get tickets for Coldplay and her complaints about the inaccessible seating arrangements at Arsenal Emirates Stadium have prompted a response … The same section responsible for the Disabled ticket booking system at ArsenalĀ are going to: “… fully consider all the points raised by Samantha … about the problems she had with booking her Coldplay tickets,... 
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Ikea and the lost walking stick

are the subject of another blog complaint to Pesky People about failing their disabled customers. David blogged back in May that IKEA don’t like their disabled customers very much. That resulted in Gateshead store installing the proper induction loops and improving disabled access. I was emailed by Mikki McDonald about Ikea Bristol and how she had been waiting nine weeks for them to return her walking stick after leaving it behind after falling... 
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Meltdown at The South Bank

Update (15th June) Following my tweeting about this blog I’ve had a response from Head of Customer Relations at South Bank Centre offering a refund for the Krystle Warren tickets and comps to see a performance at any time over the next year. I’ve replied (with thanks). It has to be appreciated that South Bank Centre responded quickly to address my complaint. I’ve also raised a number of concerns back regarding how they: test in-house... 
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