Pesky People is passionate about accessibility and works with commercial, public, voluntary and community organisations and groups.


  • help people provide services offline and online that work for Disabled and Deaf people
  • offer pragmatic, plain english advice on how to make your service, conference or website really work for disabled and deaf people
  • are not sidetracked by lots of theory, accessibility jargon or politics we just show you how to make things work on the ground so that your customer goes away feeling happy not patronised and your team enjoy working with them

Our services include:

  1. Consultancy advice in all aspects of digital access, inclusion and engagement
  2. Disability Awareness Training (2 hour, full day and 3 day courses)
  3. Consumer Access Audits [of services, buildings and online]
  4. Outreach and engagement with local Disabled and Deaf communities
  5. User testing of websites by local disabled people
  6. Event and project management
  7. Website project management
  8. Event and project management of arts and cultural activities

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