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The case for the Disabled customer

You may not know it but Disabled people are worth £80 billion to the UK economy. Any organisation that doesn’t take the economic impact of Disabled people seriously is loosing out. A new report commissioned by the Business Department and Office for Disability Issues concludes that companies are losing 1 in 5 of their customers as a result of failing to meet the needs of disabled customers. Despite the 1996, 2005 Disability Discrimination Act... 
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Pesky’s 10 digital access commandments

Pesky People’s has 10 Digital Commandments that helps make good websites accessible. Do my research – I will find out what makes a good website design that is accessible for a range of access needs. Undertake Disability Awareness Training / Deaf Awareness Training and ensure key staff do this too. Know my legal requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (now Equalities Act 2010). Consult with local Disabled and Deaf people about... 
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Watch National Digital Inclusion 2010 online with subtitles + BSL interpretation

We have been harping since we started a year ago about web accessibility and the need for Disabled and Deaf people to access online content. A great example of this is the The National Digital Inclusion Conference that took place in March 2010 streamed the video content not only live with subtitles and BSL interpretation but made it available afterwards. Alison Smith from Pesky People also got to present two of the Pitches that were taken forward... 
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