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Not-so-EasyJet- A disabled person’s journey: there and back again

Continued from my previous blog, Preflight Checks, on travelling with disabilities and health conditions. As I said in my previous post, I was due to fly with EasyJet from Liverpool John Lennon Airport. I had exchanged multiple emails with EasyJet’s assistance team, not all successful, but I felt as confident as I could that I had assistance booked. When I contacted EasyJet regarding assistance, I mentioned needing assistance with baggage... 
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Travelling with a disability- Not-so-Easyjet. Preflight checks

Hello again, Samantha here, this time, with a tale of travelling travesty. As regular readers will know, I’m visually impaired; I’m registered blind, but have a small amount of functional vision in one eye. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, I’ve developed some other long term health problems, one of which is Sleep Apnea, another is an unusual endocrine/metabolic condition which caused fatigue and pain, amongst other things. ... 
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