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LiveNation, Ticketmaster, and Access to live music- Progress!!

It’s Samantha again, guest blogging, and this time, I want to share some really good news with Pesky People’s readers. On Wednesday, an email arrived in my inbox which I found quite exciting… It was this:               The reason I was excited? No, it wasn’t because I like Mumford and Sons, and wanted to go (I do, and I did, but I can’t.) And I don’t care if you’re judging... 
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Campaign for 2D cinema screenings- Where’s my 2D?

Samantha guest blogging once again (I might as well take up permanent residence, I know!) With thanks to Sarah Fones and Steven Ellis, who took all the hard work out of this post, and have tackled an issue that’s been bugging me for ages. I’m blogging today to make Pesky People’s readers aware of a campaign that I think it very relevant. Disabled people might be used to finding their entertainment options somewhat limited, when... 
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