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Cultural Olympiad: the art of subtitles, headphones, ringing ears and petitions

I tried to feel a part of the Cultural Olympiapad celebrations last night and came away realising – nope it isn’t going to happen for me. No subtitles from the BBC. The celebrated Simon Bolivar Orchestra was streamed live from Raploch in Stirling not only on BBC Four, but streamed live on iplayer and across the 22 cities with BBC Big Screens. For me the glaring omission of subtitles online meant I had to stick on my headphones, amp... 
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#subtitlesnow and how broadcasters really don’t care

On 6th June #subtitlesnow campaign joined with #captionTHIS campaign in the US to flag up how deaf and hard of hearing people are locked out from digital content. It has had a huge impact with 3,113 people invited by 700 people to take part and 13,024 reading the posts (never mind the 1,314 tweets sent reaching 50,836 twitter accounts. I didn’t know about today’s Headlining Disability: Arts, Sports, Disability and the Media and have... 
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Coldplay Step Up to Save the Day…

Hi dear readers, Samantha here again… This is a follow up post to my difficulties getting suitable accessible tickets to see Coldplay. Firstly, fantastic news: At the 11th hour, Coldplay stepped up and rescued the Arsenal tickets situation, restoring my faith in big names in the process. I was contacted, via Pesky People, the night before the gig, by someone representing Coldplay and offered guestlist tickets in Tier 2, with the band’s... 
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Subtitle Now! Day of Action: 6 June 2012

Tomorrow on 6th June (6/6) we are joining #CaptionTHIS campaign in the USA as a day of action using social media to highlight the lack of online subtitling using the hashtag #subtitlesnow on twitter, facebook and email. Adding to that is the quality (or lack of). We are telling websites, broadcasters and the UK government how they fail to subtitle (caption) video content, online streaming, news and live broadcasting online for the UK population. Deaf... 
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How deaf people will be missing out on the Jubilee Celebrations this bank holiday

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