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Being Deaf is no excuse – if you can’t phone you will lose your benefits

A friend an hour ago posted on facebook that her benefits had been stopped all because she couldn’t phone them to arrange an interview (she’s Deaf). She won’t receive her entitlement on Monday. Pesky People asked if we could do a short blog post to alert others to her situation to see if it could get her help and she agreed. Since when was it possible to stop anyone’s benefits all for the sake of a phone call? This is what... 
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East Coast Trains – a result

Pesky People is pleased to say that East Coast Trains have emailed us today to confirm they are updating their assisted travel booking system after our intervention on Tuesday. They are going to address complaints from David Colley who has found himself booked on diesel trains (which have doors too narrow for him to board) with his electric wheelchair. Unbelievably  it’s all down to 10mm of door space between the old train carriages and... 
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East Coast Rail – putting disabled people in danger yet again!

I’m on the East Coast rail service between London and Newcastle. I’m sitting in the designated space for wheelchair-users. And yet AGAIN the ‘Call For Aid’ button has been switched off by the conductor.   The excuse was the same as the previous times: “People keep pressing it”. I had to insist it was turned back on. What would have happened if I didn’t ask? If the conductor hadn’t gone past? (Like... 
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