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@excessbaggage company deliberately deletes correspondance with customers from twitter

Yesterday I discovered my online conversation with @excessbaggageco on twitter has became one sided. I’m being portrayed as hassling them online. They have deleted a whole load of tweets in their timeline to me about my blog post Is this Excellent Customer Service? They have also deleted correspondance to @lspurdle. The only tweet in their timeline to me is their initial reply: It doesn’t reflect that they wrote this to me 10 days... 
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Love Film, Hate LOVEFiLM

Hello, this is my first ever blog, on any topic, so I’ll start by briefly introducing myself. My name is Matthew Palmer and I am 32 years old. This blog concerns my partner who is hard of hearing. She has reduced hearing in both ears. One of the ways we relax in the evening, is, like millions of people, watching a bit of TV or a film. So we would get the seven year old into bed, then have a quick look at the Sky TV guide. Now credit to Sky,... 
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Is this excellent customer service?

When you lose something precious on a train and it is found by the train staff, handed into lost property at a train station you don’t expect to make three visits over two weeks of 20 odd miles each time and still not get it back or be threatened by arrest by the Manager on your latest visit for simply taking 3 pictures of their notice board including their charges (including daily +cover) to put in a complaint AND STILL NOT COLLECT what belongs... 
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Facing the reality of homelessness

My name is Ian, I’m 26 years old. I have cerebral palsy which means I cannot walk and I use a manual wheelchair. I’m about to be made homeless in less than thirteen days yet despite going to Shropshire Council Housing Department in May  2012 (3 months ago) to let them know of my situation I am no closer to to finding temporary accommodation.   Shropshire Council don’t know what to do with me and have told me I face either... 
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All the Bells – what happens when London 2012 fails to add subtitles

Curious to find out what all this bell ringing lark was about that takes place at percisly 8.12 am on Friday 27th July 2012 is about I watched the video of Martin Creed talking about this in ALL THE BELLS on you tube. As with ALL of the videos produced by London 2012 and Cultural Olympipad this was another one that WASNT SUBTITLED. Being deaf I wanted to know what Martin was saying so I used You Tube’s automatic captioning facility (the CC button)... 
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