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Go Genie sponsoring October’s Birmingham Social Media Cafe

Tomorrow see’s the October Birmingham Social Media Cafe get together at Birmingham Town Hall. In the lead up to launching Go Genie it’s nice to give something back to the digital and bloggers network that got Pesky People going just over two years ago in September 2009. The first blog The future is not Orange was¬†written that night! Will also be making a wee announcement and need your help. Go Genie is coming to the end of it’s... 
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Ikea and the lost walking stick

are the subject of another blog complaint to Pesky People about failing their disabled customers. David blogged back in May that IKEA don’t like their disabled customers very much. That resulted in Gateshead store installing the proper induction loops and improving disabled access. I was emailed by Mikki McDonald about Ikea Bristol and how she had been waiting nine weeks for them to return her walking stick after leaving it behind after falling... 
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When BT Care fails to care for it’s disabled customers (part 1)

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