Would you believe it has been nearly a year since Pesky People was a finalist in the SMK Foundation Awards 2010 (Consumer Action). The day of the awards ceremony I had to run between A11yLDN 2010 and the ceremony across London with a British Sign Language interpreter chasing after me.

A lot has happened in that time with Pesky People and today is the 2011 awards ceremony and congratulation must go to all the 2011 finalists and awardees. Everyone deserves recognition and support for their campaigns.

Being a finalist gave Pesky People that recognition and a confidence boost to continue campaigning about digital discrimination and the issues involved. We are now 2 years old!

Bibi van der Zee author of The Protester’s Handbook has written an article for Guardian Society section called Social Media Helps to Mobilise the Masses about SMK finalists campaigning and it’s nice to be featured.

I’m really pleased that @Dalekette has been mentioned in Bibi’s article too – Her first post about her visit to Dr Who Experience notched up an impressive 825 hits in May alone and much RT’ing and comments on facebook.

Dalekette she is now a regular blogger on Pesky People (which is great for us) but when you read the issues she is flagging up it is important to see these issues are serious. It includes Cafe Rouge and the curious tale of secret accessibility (basically they keep losing the large print menu or saying it doesn’t exist despite having a national policy to supply large print menus).

One of the biggest shifts in Pesky People is being able to not only highlight issues faced by Disabled and Deaf people (who write the posts themselves) but better still get some great outcomes for all involved.

That includes proper induction loops being installed at Ikea Gateshead, infra red headset loops at Empire Cinemas and a nationwide breakdown service from One Call Insurance.

After all we all want great customer service. This is where Go Genie comes in.

What we do is put up a blog post, put it on facebook and twitter then directly contact the company’s PR department to highlight the issues.

Since all the blogs feature solutions to the problems it’s about letting companies know what they need to do to make it right.

We have had criticism about this strategy but it works.

Why wait three weeks to wait for (and never receive) a response from your recorded delivery letter three weeks later (as recommended by Trading Standards) when you can blog, tweet and facebook it and see action instantly.

As it got put to me the other day The world needs Pesky People.