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Debenhams putting up the barriers. Yet again.

– by David Colley Monday I went shopping in Sunderland. I love Sunderland. Which is a risky position to take sometimes, living as I do, north of the river. But I digress. I popped into Debenhams. I wanted some kitchen stuff and to mooch for present ideas. So I headed straight for homeware on the top floor. And came to a brisk stop.  I could see a cornucopia of products ahead of me. A veritable Aladdin’s cave of kitchen ware, gadgets and... 
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BBC response to complaint about DJ Sara Cox’s twitter comments

The BBC responded to my complaint about Sara Cox’s comments towards subtitles being shown at an English language screening of Bridemaids. It arrived at just after midnight this morning. TO recap Sara asked for a discount because there were subtitles, wanted to put gaffa tape over her glasses to cover them up and told those who found her comments about subtitled screenings offensive  were ‘gob******’. She has apologised through... 
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Blackpool Rocks!

Hi there Pesky People readers! My name is Ian Pugh. Been a long time reader, and after talking to the very amazing Alison, thought I would give this blogging thing a bash. I have Cerebral Palsy and use a wheelchair, as does my partner Anne. You will find as you go along I have a sense of humour and a lively personality, but if I offend anyone, then it is completely unintended. We went on holiday to Blackpool (the 2nd week of July 2011), and I thought... 
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My complaint to BBC about the offending tweets made by DJ Sara Cox

Dear BBC, Last night Sara Cox made a number of comments complaining about the screening of an English language film with added captions, asked for a discount and commented back to many Deaf people who complained at how offended they were that they were ‘gobshites’. The timeline of her comments and some of the reactions by Deaf and hearing people on twitter can be read here (this is just a snapshot): Sarah... 
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Radio + TV Presenter Sara Cox demands discount for subtitled film screening

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