With the fuss recently over IKEA and the Empire cinema, another incident slipped by the blog. Time to remedy that.

Apple Store Newcastle Eldon Square

Apple Store Eldon Square, Newcastle

I recently popped into the Apple Store in Eldon Square in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Its a large shop with hard surfaces and lots of noise, and all that reflecting sound was causing a considerable problem hearing the staff with my hearing aid.

So naturally, I asked if they had a loop system at the desk or till so I could hear them properly.

They looked confused.

I explained what an induction loop was (they didn’t know, but were keen as mustard to find out if they had one).

They ran off. They came back. Nope.

Now bear in mind the iphones aren’t hearing-aid compatible, and their stores are a huge auditory problem for people with hearing aids.

How how much longer are Apple going to ignore the needs of Deaf and hearing-impaired people, and flout their legal obligations to address barriers to using their services and products?

They’re a HUGE retail company. Are they using that weight to evade their responsibilities in favour of pure profit?

– David Colley