Yesterday was an extreme day for me: witnessing the end of the Hardest Hit march and my personal fears from the current cuts. This was followed by  the opening of Getting Online Together conference (more later) where  the opening video was from David Cameron giving a speech which included the success of getting disabled people online.

I didn’t clap, I shook my head (you can’t yell at a video recording – which by the way WAS NOT SUBTITLED).

Today, I’m leading a breakout session at this event. I’m still gathering my thoughts and  I need your help.

The session is all about “Building a network nation”. It looks and responds about policy, action and commercial participation.

It all sounds heavy handed but really it is to look at the reality, what’s out there that works (good practice), what doesn’t and why, the practicals, how can it be done better (by whom etc.), and as who pays and what does it cost.

It will directly inform government policy – tell them the reality, what can be acheived, what is needed the need the brutal reality (and it is not just about digital, it’s about ALL their policies including the cuts and the impact on our lives.

We only have half an hour in which to do it. 10 minutes to present the case (to be updated ) and 20 minutes for discussion.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO CONTRIBUTE and directly inform government policy
Your contribution is needed (how else do we make our voice heard?)

I’ll be goggle-eyed following the British Sign Language interpreter, chairing the session – and keeping an eye on twitter responses but it is going to be good.

Please tweet me @peskypeople or email me before 2.15. I’ll keep the commentary up on twitter as it won’t be filmed.

Some who know me may remember from last year I successfully campaigned to get the event accessible to Deaf people with BSL live on stage and steamed live (with subtitles online). Oh and taking digital I did a BSL video about digital accessibility to the Conservative party from last October. I’m STILL waiting for Baroness Warsi to reply to my complaint.

We are about to build Go Genie a perfect example of Disabled-led answer to a very important problem – how can we go somewhere without the hassle that buildings, people and discriminatory attitudes/lack of awareness is dumped on us every day. Better still finding the information in one place – getting advice from others and good pointers – all in one place

Get in touch with Pesky People by email or twitter – we need to know what you are thinking.