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Home of Metal needs to know how it promotes itself to disabled people

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Man can conquer air + space but BA can’t offer subtitled films

Man has conquered air.  Man has conquered space.  And one would think man would have conquered subtitles by now. Guest Blogger Caroline O’Neil writes: I’m going to the USA next month (June 2011).  When my family booked airline tickets I immediately contacted British Airways back in November 2010 (7 months ago) to enquire about subtitles on in-flight entertainment. As a Deaf person this is not an unreasonable request. I never heard anything... 
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Empire Cinema and their non-existent loop

David Colley investigates a broken loop at a cinema – only to find out it doesn’t exist! 17th May 2011: Last week I went to see the film Hanna at my local cinema: the Empire at Newcastle City Gate complex. I had asked about the induction loop system, which is advertised on their website, so I could hear better. Staff happily advised me that I should ask for it to be switched on each time I see a film. I did. Three times! And still it... 
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BBC to make Dr Who Experience fully accessible

Yesterday the BBC responded fully to Samatha’s blog complaint about her visit to the Dr Who Experience in April 2011. Their email* (cc’d to Pesky People by the BBC and printed here with their full agreement) unreservedly takes on her complaints and they will address them fully including offering Samantha a return visit as their guest and a full refund for her and her party (of 7). It is a fantastic result for Samantha and will not only... 
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IKEA don’t seem to like disabled people much

Or rather, they don’t seem to like making things accessible or easy for disabled people. I went to Ikea Gateshead on Thursday to mooch for some new stuff. None of the induction loop systems by staff workstations or tills were working when I tried to use them to talk to staff. This is shocking – every single loop system I tried to use wasn’t functioning – I checked, and the loop setting on my hearing aid was working fine. When I asked... 
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