We’ve brought Go Genie to the biggest digital interactive conference SXSW). It takes over the whole city, 30,000 people are attending and Pesky People is one of them.

So why are we here? Go Genie is a one stop digital platform to enable disabled people to find access information on line. It makes it easy to find access information, crowdsources advice, puts information and access at it’s heart. Truely a network of knowleged to get you in.

Did you know there are 650 million disabled people world wide? We make up 15-20% of any country’s population. 27.8% (16.7 million) of the UK is Disabled or has long standing health problem –  the 2nd highest behind Finland’s 32.2%. In the US 55.3 million people (18%) are disabled.

There is a strong economic argument for not ignoring us. In the UK 25% of potential customers are turned away because a business doesn’t make it’s services/building and/or website accessible. Read more