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The L.T.D Fest @proudcamden

Heavy Load With the uproar over Dea Birkett’s tweet yesterday about her daughter being turned away from a Proud venue it’s worth mentioning that they are hosting a fantastic festival at Proud Camden on Thursday 24th February. L.T.D. Fest (Let’s Talk Disability) is being hosted by T4’s Jameela Jamil as part  Channel 4’s Battlefront Campaign Lets Talk Disability. It’s got an incredible electric line of performers both... 
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Let’s Talk Disability Festival line up

Heavy Load, Jazz Morley, Hayden Spenceley, Beatbox Hobbit, Reeps1, Abnormally funny people duo Caroline Parker and Gareth Berliner, Deaf Men Dancing, James Birt and Candoco are all featured as part of the Let’s Talk Disability Fest taking place at @proudcamden in London on Thursday 24th February 2011. The reason behind it is part of the Battlefront campaign led by Elle  Prendergast  who wants to break down the barriers between able and disabled... 
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Wheelchairs not allowed

Earlier today an another Disabled person experienced disability discrimination and was refused entry to an art gallery becuase she “took up too much room”. Even without knowing the full facts of Dea Birkett’s daughter’s visit and experience at Proud Gallaries. What do you do when you are turned away for being Disabled? An art gallary at full capacity can manage the situation for a visitor and the gallery – it is simple... 
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Call for Evidence – Protecting the right of Disabled People to independent living

The Joint Committee of Human Rights on 11 February 2011 announced an inquiry into the the implementation of the right to independent living for disabled people, as guaranteed by Article 19, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. There is a call for Evidence and they invite people to submit evidence on this issue and would welcome written submissions by Friday 29th April 2011. Further information about the Committee’s inquiry... 
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New accessibility media player available

Yesterday we received  an email from Simon Hogg from  The Office for Disability Issues offering us their media player. I first asked about it in Jan 2010. It’s been a long wait but now you can use it too – for free. So if you want the option to add and view subtitles, audio description or sign language on videos there is a new option. You can change the font sizes, the colour, the sound level, the whole lot! Pesky People currently uses... 
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