Two months ago I complained to the Conservative Party that they were discriminating against Deaf and Hard of Hearing people by streaming live on the web without any subtitles or BSL interpretation.

I complained via video in BSL, tweeted it to them, emailed them and  yet I am yet to have a response from Baroness Warsi.

Their  conference was crucial in outlining policies and budget plans that would affect the whole country – and that includes the estimated 8,945,000 Deaf and Hard of Hearing people!

You’d think with over 2.4 million people aged 16 to 60 and 6.4 million aged over over 60 that are either Deaf or Hard of Hearing they would take notice.

What was worse was the fact I met their Digital Manager and Baroness Warsi at a Birmingham bloggers event that they invited me along to.

The Equalities Act specifically outlines that anticipation of access needs should be taken into account so why should the Conservatives, who implemented the legislation on 1 October 2010,  continue to ignore it.

So again I am asking for Baroness Warsi to explain why the Conservative Party website is inaccessible to Deaf people.

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