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Conservative Party ignores Deaf complaint

Two months ago I complained to the Conservative Party that they were discriminating against Deaf and Hard of Hearing people by streaming live on the web without any subtitles or BSL interpretation. I complained via video in BSL, tweeted it to them, emailed them and  yet I am yet to have a response from Baroness Warsi. Their  conference was crucial in outlining policies and budget plans that would affect the whole country – and that includes... 
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Disability Access Survey

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Vodaphone Spain launches Deaf sign language tarrif

WOW! @cataspanglish on twitter alerted us that there was a new mobile tariff being offered by Vodaphone Spain for Deaf people. Vodafone launched the sign fee for Deaf people, created in collaboration with the Confederation of the Deaf (CNSE) (CNSE – English info) and is intended to enable Deaf people to communicate in spanish sign language via their mobile phone for only €18.50 Euros (15.66 GBP) a month. More information on Vodaphone’s... 
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Ask GoGenie

GoGenie the digital access project that we received £25K from Arts Council England WM earlier this year is finally gearing to be a reality – starting with user experience consultation with Disabled people in January 2011. We are aiming for a prototype to be available by late Spring 2011 in time to secure more funding to build and launch it. If you’re browsing online wanting to go out to a theatre, the cinema, a shop, the pub, a supermarket,... 
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