Pesky People’s has 10 Digital Commandments that helps make good websites accessible.

  • Do my research – I will find out what makes a good website design that is accessible for a range of access needs.
  • Undertake Disability Awareness Training / Deaf Awareness Training and ensure key staff do this too.
  • Know my legal requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (now Equalities Act 2010).
  • Consult with local Disabled and Deaf people about my current site – whether they are a local Disability group or charity aboutwhat they like / hate before writing the brief.
  • Write a good website design brief that demands the includes requirements for full access. This includes budgeting requirements and user testing.
  • Ensure my website shall meet Level ‘A’ minimum, Level ‘AA’ would be fantastic. Level ‘AAA’ would put me in the 1% of fully accessible websites – worldwide.
  • Employ web designers who know what they are doing and have a track record of incorporating accessibility and working to budgets (even if I don’t understand it)
  • Be aware that all Disabled people’ are not a homogenous group – all access needs are not the same.
  • Incorporate usability testing with Disabled and Deaf people to find out what works and what doesn’t at all key stages of design and implementation before site goes live and afterwards.
  • Be creative not dull in incorporating disability access. Remember your website can still be sexy not boring.

So what will you be doing to make your website accessible?