There are basic steps needed to ensure your website is fully accessible.

Test out the following and see what you have available on your website. If you have none then talk to your web designer about improving your site – this is a good start.

Can you:

  • Navigate your whole site without using your mouse e.g tab across? How far does it get you?
  • Navigate your site without using a mouse using standard access shortcuts e.g. b for about, 1 for Home page?
  • Increase your text size – how far does it increase from original?
  • What font style do you use – is it Verdana, Helvetica, Geneva, Arial, sans serif? If not then it is more difficult to read.
  • Can you change the background colour and contrast e.g. black/white, white/black, black on pastel?
  • Does your site use video? Is it subtitled? What about audio described?
  • Do you use audio? Do you provide a transcript?
  • Do you have alt descriptions on your images?
  • Find the Accessibility Statement outlining how to navigate the site?
  • Find the A A A tab on the home page? Does it work?

If you can’t do any of the above  how can your visitors fully use your site?