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As the USA celebrates the (ADA) we get the DDA, Big Society and a Race online (by 2012)

Disabled people and Deaf people across the States celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act yesterday and it was streamed live from The White House. It came into force in 1990. It would take the UK another 6 years to get the Disability Discrimination Act into place – 2 years after the 1994 Civil Rights (Disabled Persons) Bill was talked out by Nicolas Scott – the then Minister for Disabled people using political... 
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Watch the 20th Anniversary celebrations from the Americans with Disabilities Act

It’s been 20 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act came into force. Celebrations took place yesterday at The White House and it was streamed online live with American Sign Language and subtitles. Unfortunately the video below from The White House is¬†without subtitles! Worth a watch. You can skip right to President Obama’s speech on the video (27 mins in). Or read the transcript.  Read More →

Fingers (short film performed in BSL)

A short film by Sandra Alland in collaboration with Alison Smith of Pesky People presented at b)other exhibition at Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow. Performed in British Sign Language (BSL) by Alison Smith. Voice-over by Sandra Alland for partially sighted and blind people. Note to hearing people: Watch with the sound turned off for a different feel.  Read More →

Pesky is getting a new makeover

Pesky People is getting a major revamp from Laura Whitehead of Popokatea including: complete website redesign new logo easier navigation and funky accessibility elements When will it be live? – Fingers crossed by the end of July so watch this space. All this wouldn’t be possible without the support and funding of UnLtd 4iP Level 1 Award If you are an individual or small community group check¬†out their funding opportunities. You can... 
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Top Tips

There are basic steps needed to ensure your website is fully accessible. Test out the following and see what you have available on your website. If you have none then talk to your web designer about improving your site – this is a good start. Can you: Navigate your whole site without using your mouse e.g tab across? How far does it get you? Navigate your site without using a mouse using standard access shortcuts e.g. b for about, 1 for Home... 
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