It’s out – it confirms what we all said at the time. Birmingham City Council’s website is ‘not good enough’. That is putting it quite mildly to be honest.

It cost £3million pounds is 3 years late and is completely inaccessible.They claimed:

“We are pleased to announce that this web site meets with W3C WAI-AA and WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards..”

It’s not. Even more helpful disabled people were sent to BBC My Web My Way to find out how to navigate their site! In hours of the launch in response to my tweets they updated it to read:

“We aim to meet W3C WCAG 1.0 accessibility standards to level ‘AA’”

Getting the drift? Want to read about the access problems read my post.

To make sure we the report is inaccessible to find it’s buried in it’s democracy section! Read Podnosh’s excellent write up and instructions on how to find the report.

I’ve also uploaded the reports at the end of this post (it is really hard to find).

They sneaked it’s launch around midnight in September  hoping we’d not notice. We did. Twitter was buzzing with the WM digital community screamed and shouting in outrage at how bad it was. Help Me Investigate  found out it cost £3 million pounds. BCCDIY was set up in protest the community showed what  we wanted BCC website to do and we had a day of hacking led by Stef Lewandowskif.

9 months on our complaints to Councillor Tisley remain unanswered. Also complaints by Birmingham Adult Dyslexia Group about BCC website not working with any screen-readers and issues with navigation were responded to by email (despite being asked specifically by the Chair to phone because he his dyslexic. I was even accidentally c.c’d in the email conversations taking place internally.

Others have written it up better so rather than repeat the findings and so on I suggest you read the following and the report findings and recommendations are also listed below:

Podnosh: The Report on is published

Birmingham Post: ‘Not Good Enough concludes report into Birmingham City Council website

Pesky People: How to navigate Birmingham City Council’s website – go to the BBC

The reports on Birmingham City Council Website:

Final Report – Web CMS Review – 03 03 10

Recommendations from Web CMS Final Reportv1.0

Information Briefing for DL decsion making meeting May 2010