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Birmingham City Council website is ‘not good enough’

It’s out – it confirms what we all said at the time. Birmingham City Council’s website is ‘not good enough’. That is putting it quite mildly to be honest. It cost £3million pounds is 3 years late and is completely inaccessible.They claimed: “We are pleased to announce that this web site meets with W3C WAI-AA and WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards..” It’s not. Even more helpful disabled people were sent to BBC... 
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Meltdown at The South Bank

Update (15th June) Following my tweeting about this blog I’ve had a response from Head of Customer Relations at South Bank Centre offering a refund for the Krystle Warren tickets and comps to see a performance at any time over the next year. I’ve replied (with thanks). It has to be appreciated that South Bank Centre responded quickly to address my complaint. I’ve also raised a number of concerns back regarding how they: test in-house... 
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