Being new(ish) on the block tucking into the digital stuff, I’m conscious that there are fewer woman visible in the industry compared to the number of men.

It is nice to find out about girl geek dinners and taking my passion for everything digital and gadgetry to find it includes meeting up with like minded people.

What is involved? To paraphrase from girl geek dinners website:

  • informal, buffet dinner style with finger foods and wine and soft drinks for those who are driving
  • a speaker or two (or not at all)
  • men are allowed (if invited by a woman attending the event to keep balance in favour of women attending)
  • opportunity to meet and network

So who is up for a girl geek dinner in the West Midlands? Please contact me on twitter @alisonvsmith or email

  • Any offers to help me organise it?
  • Suggestions of venue?
  • Do we have someone give a short talk?
  • Need to keep the cost down – not all of us have regular jobs
  • Any suggestions of how we get a sponsor (for a glass of wine or two?)

My bug bear of any get together is the  disability access – the venue has to be wheelchair accessible and have an accessible toilet.

Apparently there are no girl geek gatherings in the WM and no plans to change that.

Well there is now 🙂 So who wants to join me?