It’s late I should be asleep and I’m still buzzing over the events of my first and the 5th year of Digital Inclusion Conference.

I never knew it even existed before – if I had not started Pesky People I would not know about it. So in the mists of what gets reported in the papers about addresses from the PM and various MPs.

For me a first – BSL not only included but streamed LIVE not 10 weeks after – but at the same time. FAN-TASTIC.

Quite a few Deaf people were following online and I picked up loads of commenting via twitter.

I met 10 people who really struggled with the acoustics at the conference admitted to me they were hard of hearing – all of whom didn’t wear hearing aids.

Pesky also got a big surprise – textHELP sponsorship – agreed in the shortest chat I have ever had. They are providing Pesky People with free software copy of Browsealoud to add to our website.

Browsealoud is a software package that transcribes website content from text to speech – like all screen-readers it reads and highlights all text including website content that includes PDF and word documents. You just click on the words and off you go.

Back to the conference programme and content – lots gave me food for thought – also a lot of ‘same old I know this’ and wondering where the real action was.

Martha Lane Fox and Helen Milliner gave great speeches  but again back to – where is it happening proper funding and concrete action? We need more funding strands like Community Voices.

I need to read the #NDI10 twitter stream to see what everyone else thought to get a bigger sense (#NDI10 was trending and at one point I looked up at the signer and looked down to see ‘122 tweets’ waiting).

For now I need to digest, see how it feels in my belly and then respond properly.

I’ll leave it with the fantastic wise words of the cartoonist CRIPPEN: (digital) inclusion, exclusion, categorisation and not forgetting that biggie: labels.  Check out his website: