British Sign Lanaguge interpretation of the National Digital Inclusion Conference (10-11 March 2010) will be not be only provided at the conference but is also to be streamed online with separate filming thanks to the work of Pesky People.

This means that many Deaf people (80,000 according to RNID figures), will for the first time, have access to watching NDI10 live on the web but also be able to watch the proceedings in BSL afterwards!

This is a first outside of a Deaf conference to our knowledge (correct us if we are wrong).

This takes digital inclusion to a new level. Will NDI10 set the standards of accessibility for including Deaf and Disabled people in future digital events? We certainly hope so.

For Disabled and Deaf visitors NDI10 will also include live stenography or Plantype (whereby the proceedings are also transcribed into text on a screen – a bit like watching live subtitles) as well as induction loops and wheelchair access.

So how did it happen?
After a a nudge from Pesky People and various discussions (and a lot of commentary on TwitterCivic Agenda worked extremely hard to sort out BSL interpretation for the event’s two days and at equal short notice sorted out so that BSL could be streamed live and thus widening their audience.

Bob Duncan a film Producer/Director from BSL UPTAKE and Becoming Visible also provided great advice about the best way of locating and filming the interpreters.

Pesky will be posting updates from NDI10 during the next two days so subscribe to Pesky People and follow us.