Dear Virgin Trains,

Thank you for your brilliant response to Pesky People’s complaints and blog about my nightmare journey back from Glasgow. Thank you for your effort to compensate my experience – unexpected and very much appreciated.

Richard Branson didn’t respond in person but …

Friday morning brought a delivery;I thought it was my wee nephews Xmas presants bought online. WRONG.

I took pictures. Technology fails me. I cannot get them uploaded into this blog. You get a description instead:

Two boxes, in living room, one with air vents waist high, other smaller. I’m dressed to walk the dogs, I’m a mess with hedgehog hair.  It’s 8am. I’m puzzled (they don’t look like remote control vehicles with inbuilt helecopters). Tequila the cat is very curious. As always he inspects.

I’m told a helpful suggestion: ‘That contains wine’. The other ‘flowers’. They did (nearly missed the wee box of Champaign truffles hiding in the straw in an elegant white bag tied with a white bow). The flowers are huge and elegant full of woodland flowers including thistle like ones (I can grow veg but don’t know flowers except Daffodils and Scottish thistles).

The truffles fantastic. The red wine is for tomorrow night. The gifts are lovely.

It made my day – from feeling so crappy of late.

That was not all:

From Customer Services I also received:

  • an apology and promise to take on board my complaints as well as further discussion
  • an offer to refund my ticket (£69.85)
  • 2 first class return tickets for two on their service

Richard Baker, General Manager for Virgin Trains (Liverpool, N Wales & Chester) put the stops out. He took up my tweet complaints and blog. Lots of emails back and forth.

Richard put me directly in touch with Gary Iddon, General Manager for Virgin Trains Midlands area (based at Wolverhampton). Gary has agreed  to meet me again to discuss access issues and I look forward to it. I was also upgraded me to first class on my last journey back to Glasgow on 5th November. It was wonderful; free Wifi, Earl Grey tea on tap and a peaceful journey – yes I did tweet! Arrived at Glasgow Central only 5 mins late.

Thank you Virgin Trains. you completely put the stops out in response. It is very much appreciated.

I’ve been travelling on trains since I was 11 years old, (by myself). Started with winter journeys  to Ayr from Glasgow for school and in summer from Arbroath (where Robert the Bruce signed the Declaration of Independence for Scotland). I have many tales to tell.